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by Christian de Capitani
Mineralogy and Petrography
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Version: 28.05.2022

  • Only slight improvements in minimizations. One error in reading the database corrected.

    Install gfortran

    The programs were compiled with gfortran. Unfortunately gfortran does not produce a portable binary, because it does not include all libraries. The easiest way of getting the programs to work, is to install gfortran:

    The following did work on Windows 7 (in Parallels). If you know a better way, let me know.
    Download the latest installer from
    under MinGW for Win64 choose "snapshots"
    at the bottom half of the page under MinGW-W64 Online Installer click on MinGW-W64-install.exe to download.
    start MinGW-W64-install.exe (choose Architecture x86_64)

    after mingw64 is installed, change the PATH to C:\Program Files\mingw-w64\x86_64-8.1.0-posix-seh-rt_v6-rev0\mingw64\bin
    (In Windows 7: Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Settings -> Environment Variables)

    From here on the installation becomes mystical.
    There is no "make.exe" in mingw64. However it was replaced by "mingw32-make.exe".
    So use "mingw32-make.exe" instead of "make.exe".(Thanks to Christian Röhr for pointing this out)

    Mac OS X:
    The following did work for macOS Catalina (The worst operating system ever)
    1) Install XCode (from App Store).
    2) also install the Command Line Tools for XCode (from Apple Developers)
    3) Download the appropriate binary e.g. gfortran-9.2-bin.tar.gz from href="
    then in a Terminal (working directory wherever you downloaded the ...bin.tar.gz), type:
    4) gunzip gfortran-9.2-bin.tar.gz (if your browser didn't do it already)
    5) sudo tar -xvf gfortran-9.2-bin.tar -C /

    GFortran is included e.g. in Ubuntu. Type: sudo apt-get install gfortran


    To re-compile, open a Terminal (Batch window), make "Programs" the working directory and type "make all".

    If you own a different compiler, you might also want to re-compile the programs.
    In most cases you can edit the Makefile and type "make all"

    Useful for Mac OS X

    Download cdto from (Download Latest, unzip and "command-move" to toolbar in Finder)


    theriak-domino software improved and compiled with a intel compiler (by Doug Tinkham):
    theriakd (by Erik Düsterhöft): :
    theria_g (by Fred Gaidies):

    Databases from THERMOCALC

    My own translations of these databases were only tested to reproduce few published diagrams and still contain numerous errors.
    Fortunately some friends and collegues provide well tested versions which they agree to share with other users:

    The databases from THERMOCALC were translated to use with Theriak-Domino by Doug Tinkham, Professor of Metamorphic Geology at Laurentian University.
    The THERIAK-DOMINO Input Files can be found here:

    Professor Jay Ague from Yale University has put the versions of the database his group is using on his website. Also included are some simple Matlab codes that can be used for preparing input:

    Research Talk

    There is also a Research Talk organized by Eric Kelly from the University of Texas at Austin.
    If you want to join, follow the links in


    for Mac OS X

    for Windows